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Fakultät Rehabilitationswissenschaften

UN-CRPD and its Significance for Municipal Urban Development

Project management: Dr. Claudia Gottwald

Project processing: Jan-Frederik Wittchen (MA Rehawiss.)


The project entitled "The UN CRPD and its significance for municipal urban development" (headed by Dr. Claudia Gottwald) is investigating for two years in cooperation with the city of Castrop-Rauxel how the fields of inclusion defined so far can be implemented at the municipal level. On a theoretical level, theories of recognition or disintegration and justice form the starting point. Thereby it will be considered how recognition claims of marginalized groups can be fulfilled by inclusion. The aim is to develop guiding ideas that are based on egalitarian difference and recognize all members of the community as equal.

01.10.2014:                   Project kick-off

14.06.2015:                  Citizens' forum on the topic "Inclusion - an illusion?" by student project group

17.11.2015:                     Milestone event at the project's halfway point

06/2015 - 03/2016:    Survey of people with disabilities and chronic diseases from Castrop-Rauxel

11.06.2016:                    World Café on the topic of inclusion in the Bürgerhaus Rauxel (project of a student project group).

Further information also on the homepage of the city of Castrop-Rauxel