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With the development of inclusive schools there are significant changes. A central issue for teachers is the simultaneous instruction of students both with and without special education needs. How can a learner’s progress be validly assessed? How can we catch gaps or stagnations early? A possible answer to these questions is the learning trajectories diagnostics from the online platform Levumi, which offers fast, computer calculated, easily understood assessments. These so-called curriculum based tests give teachers insight into the learning process of the pupils in reading learning. The results of learning trajectory diagnostics provide coordinated support and give the teacher feedback on their pedagogical activities. Statistical reviews of Levumi platform have demonstrated its reliability and support our future work developing this platform.

The learning platform Levumi is a cooperative research project of researchers Markus Gebhardt (Technische Universät Dortmund), Kirsten Diehl (Europa-Universität Flensburg), and Andreas Mühling (Universität Kiel) with the goal of enhancing research on learning trajectory diagnostics, while at the same time providing a practical online tool to educators. The long-term project’s existing tests will be further developed and optimized in the coming years. As of the beginning of 2018, Levumi includes tests measuring the learning progress in German reading fluency (syllables, words, and pseudowords), letter identification, German sentence comprehension, and basic number comprehension (number line questions). More tests regarding reading, spelling, and math are under development.
Teacher’s handbook (German)
Reading research basis of Levumi (German)


Any interested teachers can get a free account for Levumi at All tests, information materials, developmental notes, and working material are free to use for your classes. We welcome recommendations from teachers to improve the platform. 

Levumi is a proceeding project. Changes and news are reported in the following Blog

If you have any questions or problems, you can send an e-mail to sven.andersontu-dortmundde (English or German).