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Fakultät Rehabilitationswissenschaften
DoProfiL II (Project Period:01.07.2019 – 30.06.2022)

Adaptive learning environment with learning progress diagnostics

The research project is part of DoProfiL (Dortmunder Profil für inklusionsorientierte Lehrer/-innenbildung. More information: click here ). It deals with the (further) development of test series for learning progress diagnostics for inclusive mathematics teaching in primary and secondary education for the online learning progress platform Levumi  as well as their implementation in pedagogical practice. The test procedures to be designed will be based on probabilistic test theory to ensure their use in school classes with very heterogeneous learning conditions and across grade levels. In addition, an overarching instructional model and instructional materials for adaptive design to promote basic mathematical skills will be developed for primary and secondary levels. Instruments of learning progression diagnostics provide teachers with important information about the fit between the learning object and individual learning requirements and are thus an important information basis for the design of adaptive learning opportunities, especially for performance heterogeneous learning groups in inclusive education.

Teacher manuals and support material

User Manual General
Teacher´s Guide German
Support Manual Reading

Learn­ing progress tests and instruments 

Verlaufsdiagnostik für Verhalten in der Schule [Progress Diagnostics for Behavior in School]


Current literature by and about Levumi

Jungjohann, J., Gebhardt, M., Diehl, K. & Mühling, A. (2017). Förderansätze im Lesen mit Levumi. [Support approaches in reading with Levumi.]

Mühling, A., Gebhardt, M. & Diehl, K. (2017). Formative Diagnostik durch die Onlineplattform Levumi. [Formative diagnostics through the online platform Levumi]. Informatik Spectrum, 40(6), 556-561.

Gebhardt, M., Diehl, K. & Mühling, A. (2016). Lern-Verlaufs-Monitoring Levumi Lehrerhandbuch. Version 1.1 [Learning progress monitoring. Levumi teacher´s guide.]

Gebhardt, M., Diehl, K. & Mühling, A. (2016). Online Lernverlaufsmessung für alle SchülerInnen in inklusiven Klassen. [Online learning progress monitoring for all students in inclusive classes.] Zeitschrift für Heilpädagogik, 67(10), 444-454.

Published master's theses by and about Levumi.

Reading Fluency

Clemente, Rosa Corina (2017). Pilotierungsstudie eines Online-Leseflüssigkeitstests bei Schülerinnen und Schülern mit intellektuellen Beeinträchtigungen. [Piloting study of an on­line reading fluency test in students with intellectual disabilities.]

Sensory Reading

Hoppe, Dennis (2018).Unterschiede in Inklusion und Förderschule: Ein Lernverlaufstest für das sinnentnehmende Lesen der Onlineplattform Levumi. [Differences in inclusion and special education: a learning progress test for sensory reading of the on­line platform Levumi.]


Hammerschmidt, Isabell (2018). Lernverläufe von basalen mathematischen Fähigkeiten in der Primarstufe: Eine Normierungs- und Praktikabilitätsstudie von Zahlenstrahltests in Levumi. [Learn­ing trajectories of basal mathematical skills in primary school: a norming and practicality study of number-range tests in Levumi.]

All Levumi researchers are mem­bers of the Working Group on (Learn­ing) Trajectories Diagnostics in the School-Based Field. For more in­for­mation click here.