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Die Grafik zeigt die Titelseite des Handbuches der sonderpädagogischen Diagnostik. © Gebhardt et al.​/​ Universität Regensburg

Manual of Special Education Diagnostics - Basics and concepts of status diagnostics, process diagnostics and support planning. - Gebhardt, M., Scheer, D. & Schurig, M. (Hrsg).

Special education diagnostics is a central tool for the systematic and successful support of students with special needs. It answers the question of which educational interventions should be used in school and whether they were successful. However, the field of special education diagnostics is complex. Furthermore, against the background of the implementation of inclusion, it is in constant movement and the relevance of, for example, modification diagnostics and progress diagnostics have also increased rapidy at mainstream schools in recent years. This manual is intended to provide an introduction to central terms, concepts and developmental fields of special education diagnostics for students.

Gebhardt, M., Scheer, D. & Schurig, M. (Hrsg.) (2022). Handbuch der sonderpädagogischen Diagnostik. Grundlagen und Konzepte der Statusdiagnostik, Prozessdiagnostik und Förderplanung. Regensburg: Universitätsbibliothek.

Download here: Handbuch der sonderpädagogischen Diagnostik, Gebhardt et al. (2022). (German Publication)

Published therein: Schurig, M. & Gebhardt, M. (2022). Theoretical basics of measurements and tests. (p. 233-246)