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Fakultät Rehabilitationswissenschaften

Doing Inclusion

Analysis and evaluation of inclusive practice

"The central research focus of the department is the analysis and evaluation of inclusive practice in institutions, such as schools and educational institutions, and their associated systems. In this context, we are concerned with:

  • the development of theories concerning inclusive educational processes
  • related images of human beings and the social and cultural construction of disability
  • social participation and social inclusion
  • stigmatization processes
  • ethical issues in the context of inclusive education
  • school development and cooperation of all actors in the field of school education
  • questionnaire and test construction for inclusive schools
  • learning processes, their measurement and optimization

We deal with critical analysis and empirical research between social exclusion, participation and accessibility to educational content. In doing so, we draw on theoretical approaches and empirical methods stemming from different disciplines, especially education, philosophy, sociology and psychology. The dynamics between genders, between persons (groups), different social and cultural backgrounds as well as between normality and deviation/disability form central backgrounds. In our teaching, students learn about goals and concepts of inclusion and important building blocks for collaboration among educational stakeholders in inclusion. They are enabled to plan, accompany and evaluate inclusive educational processes. Based on the scientific training, students can justify and further develop inclusive work with the help of relevant theories and empirical findings."